What Complements a Yellow Sweater?

Wearing a yellow sweater is a far cry from pulling on a black or gray sweater — this sunshiny hue is a visual attention grabber and requires a little more effort when it comes to creating a cohesive look. From subtle combinations to creating bold looks, selecting ensembles that are pleasing to the eye and match your personal style are the way to go when coordinating your vibrant yellow sweater color choice
Brighten up your weekend casual look with a yellow sweater. Reach for a yellow cardigan sweater on your days off for a laid-back approach. Men and women can both choose for a pair of blue jeans with a straight-leg silhouette. Add a white cotton T-shirt on top with an oversize, yellow cotton cardigan pulled on over. Leave the sweater unbuttoned and slide on a pair of neutral shoes, such as ankle boots or moccasins, in gray or brown. Or, with the same top and sweater combination, go for dark rinse blue jeans and dark brown shoes for a slightly more refined take on weekend wear.
For a look that includes preppy pieces without looking too conservative, opt for an urban vibe that retains a hint of edginess. Men and women can both start with a pair of gray pants. Go for gray denim for a more casual look or gray, straight-leg trousers for a more sophisticated approach. Add a mustard yellow, classic pullover sweater with a crew neck or V-neck. Slide your feet into black high-gloss shoes; simple ankle boots are a solid touch for both men and women. Women, reach for flat style boots or chunky heels. Top your look with a black pea coat for the classic prepster vibe.
Combining a power color like yellow with all black is a simple way to achieve a super polished look. Start with a pair of denim or twill slim-leg pants in a super saturated black tone. Men

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, add a golden classic yellow pullover in a lightweight fabric such as merino wool or a cashmere blend, either with a crew neck or a V-neck. Slide your feet into black loafers or Oxfords — whether you choose to wear black dress socks or go without socks is your choice. Women

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, pull on a similar outfit with either a crew neck or an oversized, chunky knit cowl neck sweater. Pop your feet into a pair of black heels such as suede pumps or stiletto-heel booties.
If you’re feeling bold, make that yellow stand out even more by adding colors to your outfit that work well with your sweater. For example, consider a university-prep look by starting with a pair of navy blue twill pants. Pull on a lemon yellow cable-knit pullover, V-neck sweater and slide your feet into sand-hued shoes such as suede Oxfords or ballet flats. Add a pop of Kelly green with a small accessory like a scarf or clutch. Alternatively, wear a green crew neck T-shirt beneath your sweater for a hint of color. Or, play around with yellow’s complementary color, purple. Pull on the same sweater with a pair of dark rinse, straight leg jeans. Women, reach for a pair of purple flat shoes such as ballet flats or moccasins; men, look for a pair of purple slip-on sneakers or low-profile, neutral sneakers with purple detailing.

Side Effects of Clove Oil

Eugenia aromatica, more commonly known as clove, is added in small amounts to foods for flavoring, gum and tobacco in cigarettes. Clove oil, technically called eugenol, has anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and antibacterial effects, as noted by the National Institutes of Health. When you take clove oil internally or smoke it in cigarettes, side effects may occur, some serious.
Clove oil can have a numbing effect when applied to skin or the inside of the mouth, according to NIH, thus decreasing the ability to feel pain. In contrast, clove oil also can have more serious effects. It can cause burning sensations, tissue damage and dry, sore lips. It also may damage teeth and increase the risk of cavities. Like most other essential oils, if not diluted, clove oil can cause a rash or even burn skin when applied topically. Clove can cause blindness when applied to the eyes, according to InteliHealth. NIH notes that applying herbal creams containing clove to the penis sometimes is reported to cause erectile dysfunction or difficulty ejaculating.
Clove oil may increase the risk of abnormal bleeding, as indicated by laboratory research, according to NIH. People with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia or who are taking drugs or herbs that have blood-thinning effects should be cautious about taking clove oil internally. These substances include anticoagulants such as warfarin and heparin, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen. Patients also should stop taking clove oil several days before surgery or a dental procedure.
Clove oil taken internally may lower blood glucose levels, according to InteliHealth. People prone to low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) should be cautious about using clove oil. Additionally, individuals taking medications such as metformin or insulin to regulate blood sugar levels may need to monitor their blood glucose more closely when also taking clove oil.
Although unlikely, some people may experience an allergic reaction to clove or clove oil. Signs as listed by the NIH include a rash, itching and shortness of breath. Some people smoking clove cigarettes have reported developing hives and difficulty breathing

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. An allergic reaction to clove oil should be considered a medical emergency as it can lead to anaphylaxis.
Large doses of undiluted clove oil can cause toxic effects. As listed by NIH, these side effects can include nausea, vomiting, sore throat, sedation, difficulty breathing, fluid in the lungs and seizures. Large amounts of undiluted clove oil also can cause blood disorders, kidney failure and liver damage. People with kidney or liver disorders or who have had seizures should not take clove oil. All these effects are more likely in young children, even with small doses. Children, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women, should not use clove oil.